End of Spring Season '08

This could qualify as the worst spring season ever. I gave a shot to 28 series out of which I dropped 2 after the first three episode, 8 after the first one and 4 after the opening credits. Just horrible, ├╝ber-gay, crappy 3D and tons of shounen!

Anyway, out of the rest half finished in one season, while the other continue in the summer for a second one (Penguin Mussume Hatto, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, Zettai Karen Children, Allison to Lillia, Wagaya no Oinari-sama, ToLOVEru & Nabari no Ou), which are more or less ok.

Out of the rest one shines, xxxHOLiC Kei. Just amazing and certainly better then the first season, with 3.5 story arcs slowly growing in you during the 13 episodes. All main characters from the first season appeared and some of them were explored in some depth. What I really love in the series, is the atmosphere; it is reminescent of Haibane Renmei (my all time favourite) and similar series, mysterious and intrigueing, challenging your perception of reality in an abstract way, but yet philosophically it still stays in-touch with everyday reality.

Another series which I can say I liked was Toshokan Sensou. The animation was kind of strange with all those thick outlines and the character design was too realistic for my taste, but still both pretty good otherwise. What I liked was that we actually got a plot for a change, though I must stress out that the whole premise was kind of silly and childish.

Kurenai on the other hand had all the setting, animation, design and music to be great, but half the time was spend on how cute the loli is, which by the way was fat and ugly, and the rest on how the loli matures in a couple of weeks by the side of a disfunctional teenagers, give me a break!

And now it's time to talk about the only shoujo series I did not drop, Amatsuki. Originally, it seemed like a gay-fest and though it has its fair share of homos and transies, it is certainly not the focus of the series which, plot and character wise is decent, though the storytelling is all over the place. I also liked the designs, but since I am watching it in low resolution I can not express an objectional opinion about the animation.

Now my problem this spring was that all the series together that I watched were not adding up to even an hour per day, actually it was half that, so I also watch Kamen no Maid Guy and to tell you my seen, I really enjoyed a lot of scenes with Fubuki moe-ness. But otherwise the show is total crap, very badly animated crap to be precise.

But still that was not enough so I also watched Kanokon. Even with better animation it was ten time more retarded than the maids, if that can actually be possible.

But the bottom of the bottom belongs once again to GONZO with Druaga! I really can not get this company, how can it be so horrible and still survive. And the saddest part is that Druaga is going to get a second season next year!
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