Queen's Blade

Queen's Blade is a series of visual combat books published by Hobby Japan, based on the licensed works from Lost Worlds. First published in 2005, it features only female characters. Hide&Seek is a comic first serialized in 2007-12 issue of Monthly Comp Ace. Finally, a television series set to start in April 2009.

In 4 years time the competition that will decide who the next Queen shall be will start. The strongest warrior will continue to rule the country according to tradition and expand it. The contestants need only be older than 12 years. They need not be human, intelligent or even of that country. The rules for the tournament are simple: murder is allowed. Any weapon can be chosen. The winner is decided when one of the participants flees or can't move anymore. Such event is broadcasted trough a crystal sphere by the court's magic teacher to all population to see and enjoy.

Character Index

レイナ (Leina)リスティ (Listy)ノワ (Nora)イルマ (Irma)
トモエ (Tomoe)エキドナ (Echidna)メナス (Menace)エリナ (Elina)
アイリ (Airi)ナナエル (Nanael)カトレア (Cattleya)メルファ (Melfa)
ニクス (Nyx)メローナ (Melona)クローデット (Claudette)ユーミル (Ymir)
アレイン (Allean)アルドラ (Aldora)アンネロッテ (Annelotte)シズカ (Shizuka)

クイーンズブレイド 流浪の戦士
Queen`s Blade: Rurou no Senshi

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Studio: ARMS
Directed by Yoshimoto Kinji
Character Designs by Shin Rin
Original Game by Hobby Japan
Series Composition by Yoshimoto Kinji


Height: 170 cm.
Measurements: 88/60/85 cm.
Occupation: Adventurer
Weapon: Sword
Protection: Bronze armor, shield and circlet
Likes: Grape Wine
Hates: Corsets
Hobbies: Sword Practice
VA: Kawasumi Ayako

She's a nomadic warrior who travels from place to place, eliminating monsters and bandits that are around. She doesn't do it for money or fame, but due to her high sense of justice and the will to become stronger. In reality, she's next in line in a noble family, but adventure called out for her to run away from home. She heard about Queen's Blade and decides to enter to test her skills against others. She met Listy once and they crossed swords with each other. The two share a difference of opinion, in regards to justice. She is also Elina's older sister as well as Claudette's younger half-sister.


Height: 160 cm.
Measurements: 87/57/85 cm.
Occupation: Miko Warrior Priestess
Weapon: Katana Sword
Protection: God's Seal
Likes: Cake (Leina taught her that.)
Hates: Vulgar and indecent people
Hobbies: Reciting Poetry
VA: Noto Mamiko

A miko priestess from the Eastern country of Hinomoto, where she and was trained along with Shizuka and the rest of the priestesses. Her duties included the exorcism of malign spirits and fighting against the enemies of her country. Well-respected and admired by her people, Tomoe fights, while avoiding vitals whenever she can with her special powers. She's in Queen's Blade, due to a vision from a Shinto priest who told her to travel and compete.


Height: 162 cm.
Measurements: 84/57/82 cm.
Occupation: Angel from Heaven
Weapon: Celestial Saber
Protection: None
Likes: Earthling men
Hates: Earthling women
Hobbies: Looking for men on Earth
VA: Hirono Aya

A winged messenger from Heaven, working as an artist on Earth. However, the only customers she accept are men. She hates Earth women and refuses to tend to them. The truth is that Nanaelle is extremely full of herself and she is also a dunce who constantly causes trouble in her homeland and so she was banished to Earth by the higher ups. Though she claims to be a literal angel who descended to Earth with the task to restore holy order across the land, Nanael is actually scheming to create a country of her own, exile the women, and fill it with men to act as her servants! She carries a vial of 'holy milk' which she must not allow even one drop to be spilled throughout the course of the tournament. Unwilling to treat dwellers of the "lower world" as equals, her combat technique involves the telekinetic manipulation of her celestial saber to keep opponents at bay.


Height: 172 cm
Measurements: 89/60/87
Occupation: General
Weapon: Two handed sword, "Thunderclap"
Protection: Helmet
Likes: Cute things (especially her sister, Elina.)
Hates: Irresponsibility
Hobbies: A variation of chess
VA: Tanaka Atsuko

Leina's and Elina's half sister, she's the oldest of the trio of siblings. She's known as the Thunder Cloud general (due to her magic sword) and is one of the most noble individuals knwon by many. Due to her mother being a commoner, she isn't allowed to become the next leader but serve more as a vassal at the borders of her family's lands. Regarding her relationship with her half-sisters, she hates Leina for what she did but she loves Elina greatly.


Height: 157 cm.
Measurements: 90/58/85 cm.
Occupation: Princess
Weapon: Living Scepter Setra
Protection: Crown
Likes: Oil Massages
Hates: Words from those who don't listen
Hobbies: Practicing her martial arts
VA: Goto Yuko

An ancient princess of the land of Amara, Menace was betrayed by her advisers and died trapped in her palace as her kingdom fell into ruin. Centuries later, the powerful Swamp Witch ressurected her to become part of her army. However, she left the witch after bickering, due to Menace' royal background and inability to serve under another because of that. On her travels, Menace met a suspicious merchant who told her about the tournament. Her fighting technique is hand-to-hand combat passed down in her lineage and especially useful in assassination. Her plan is to revive her lost nation by becoming Queen.


Height: Can't be determined/Inconsistent
Measurements: Can be/whatever/she likes
Occupation: Close accomplice of the Marshland Witch (Intelligence and assassination)
Weapon: Can changer her appearance
Protection: None
Likes: Crustaceans
Hates: Unresponsive folks
Hobbies: Pulling practical jokes and tricks
VA: Kugimiya Rie

A close associate of the "Marshland Witch" and an expert at shapeshifting and assassination. She's in the tournament to cause mayhem and destruction, as part of her orders. A bit of a brat, she loves to cause mischief and situations for others whenever she feels like it. Due to her body composition, she can go soft or hard, depending on the situation in combat. Based on that composition of hers, she can even absorb any living creature around her to increase her own strength.


Height: 120cm
Measurements: 61/52/66
Occupation: Blacksmith at the steel mines.
Weapon: Giant Ax
Protection: Head Cloth and Dwarf dress
Likes: Blast Furnace
Hates: Snakes
Hobbies: Making accessories
VA: Saito Ayaka

A warrior from the Dwarven tribes, who live in the iron producing mountains. She's the daughterof the Dwarven King, Ymir has entered the competition as a means of P.R. and to promote the quality of the products of her own people. However, her tribe had laws opposing to such things but she refused to back down.


Height: 166cm
Measurements: 86/55/83
Likes: Money
Hates: Exerting oneself
Hobbies: Tending to her nails
VA: Nabatame Hitomi

A ninja greatly feared by many in Hinomoto. She's in the tournament as a simple means of training further in her fighting style. Her life runs in parallel with Tomoe's.


Height: 161 cm.
Measurements: 86/56/83 cm.
Occupation: Maid
Weapon: Scythe
Protection: None in particular
Likes: The life force of beautiful women
Hates: Vanishing from this world
Hobbies: Dancing
VA: Itou Kanae

A scythe-wielding ghost girl in a maid costume, Airi was given human form by the evil Swamp Witch, revived only to serve her mistress' quest for domination. Airi serves every whim of her mistress quite willingly. Used primarily for assassinations, she can literally suck the vitality of her enemies simply by touching them. She was sent to the tournament by the witch, as a mean to get a foothold as the new Queen.


Height: 168 cm.
Measurements: 85/54/84 cm.
Occupation: Captain of the Imperial Guards
Weapon: Spear
Protection: None in particular
Likes: Leina
Hates: Dogs
Hobbies: Having numerous fantasies about Leina.
VA: Mituhashi Kaori

The daughter of Count Vance, half-siter of Claudette and younger sister of Leina, captain of the Imperial Guards of her noble family and a prominent Queen's Blade competitor. She yearns and respects Leina much more then what could be considered as sisterly love. Her father forbod her and her sisters from participating in the Queen's Blade tournament due to their political differences to the current Queen. However with Leina running away from home and various failed attempts at bringing her back, Elina was given permission to participate and was ordered to capture and bring her older sister back.


Height: 175 cm.
Measurements: 120/68/99 cm.
Occupation: Weapons shop owner
Weapon: All purpose javelin, the great sword "The Giant Killer"
Protection: None
Likes: Family
Hates: Roaches
Hobbies: Making flower beds
VA: Yuzuki Ryoka

A former adventurer, Cattleya settled down with her fellow adventurer and blacksmith husband Owen. They ran a weapons shop and had a son named Rana. She was famous for being a fair merchant who sold goods at a reasonable price. Their happiness was destroyed when Own disappeared. Cattleya now travels to find him, with her son Rana by her side. She fights with the enormous two-handed sword called the "Giant-Killer". Her combat ability is hampered by her son constantly clinging about her knees. She decided to join the tournament for any potential clues on the whereabouts of her husband.


Height: 162 cm.
Measurements: 94/63/86 cm.
Occupation: Mercenary
Weapon: Sword and dagger
Protection: Buckler Shield
Likes: Snakes, particularly the magic snake around her waist, Keltan-kun.
Hates: Sermons coming from elves.
Hobbies: Traveling by herself
VA: Kaida Yuki

She's member of an ancient and rare elven tribe which is over 500 years old and is well-adapt in many fighting styles. Known to be really strong and quick, she's works as a mercenary. Deep down though, she's bit of an emotional individual and very clumsy in her relations with the opposite gender, a weakness that her tribemate Allean often pin-points. In the past she led the Assassins of the Fang and trained Irma. She is considered a favorite to win the Queen's Blade tournament, but her current employer is unknown - all that is certain is that she herself has no interest in the throne.


Height: 179 cm.
Measurements: 90/66/85 cm.
Occupation: Leader of bandits
Weapon: Mace
Protection: Breastplate and shield
Likes: Meat and booze
Hates: Monkeys
Hobbies: Baths
VA: Kaida Yuko

A woman who considers herself a chivalrous thief and the leader of a band of rogues who reside in the Marshlands. Her goals were centered on stealing and eliminating corrupt nobels, merchants, and other members of the higher classes and redistribute their wealth to the poor. She lost her parents when she was a kid to war and was raised by a band of theives. The man she considered her father was killed by a rival and the band was destoryed, so she built a new one. She entered Queen's Blade, in hope to win and become Queen. That way, she can rid the world of all vice. In the past, she has crossed swords once with Leina.


Height: 167 cm.
Measurements: 85/58/83 cm.
Occupation: Garbage man, but is really an assassin
Weapon: Sword and dagger
Protection: None
Likes: Silence
Hates: Interacting with people
Hobbies: Helping and looking after stray cats
VA: ?

She's a member of an assassination squad who follows orders from the present Queen. She's known as being a cold-blooded killer, a loner and a perfectionist. In fact, nobody to date has escaped her assassination attempts. Her mentor was the previous leader of the Assassins of the Fang, Echidna. The reason for entering the Queen's Blade was due to the Queen's order to eliminate other aspiring fighters from the competition.


Measurements: 96/67/88
Weapon: High ranking nun
Weapon: Flail
Protection: Buckler Shield
Likes: Seeing the smiling faces of many people
Hates: Sacred poses
Hobbies: Singing
VA: ?

A high-ranked priestess in a fundamentalist sect, Merfa is widely respected by her followers as a holy woman. Compared to the other competitors her fighting ability is minimal, but she possesses the ability to heal her own wounds and inflict divine punishment on her opponents through the use of provocative "holy poses". She is more of a pacifist who hates the idea of fighting and conflict. However, she was chosen to represent the church in the Queen's Blade Tournament.


Height: 158 cm.
Measurements: 78/55/81 cm.
Occupation: Forest watchman
Weapon: Staff
Protection: None (Her monkey Ruu protects her.)
Likes: Animals
Hates: Loneliness
Hobbies: Collecting pretty stones
VA: ?

A half-elf who was found and raised by humans. Due to her strengths, she was hated by others at first, but no longer. She spend her days playing with the animals of the forest, helping those who lost their way and protecting the forest from harm under the guidence of Allean, her benefactress. Her goal in entering Queen's Blade is to pave the way for better relationships between humans and elves.


Height: 165cm
Measurements: 86/56/83
Occupation: Magician (Fire is her specialty.)
Weapon: Staff (Her treasured Funikura)
Protection: None
Likes: Funikura
Hates: Those who poke fun at the former her.
Hobbies: Cooking (Can make rough ingredient into something delicious.)
VA: ?

Nyx' mother was a lowly servant of the house that Leina and Elina come from. One day, she came across a forbidden staff, Funikura, a sentient staff that granted her immeasurable magical powers - but she is unable to control it. Now, as a wandering fire mage, she is hooked up on the idea of justice that she goes overboard and ending up torching the homes of supposed villains. Nyx continues to fight and joining the tournament, in fear that she'll lose this power and the need to crush all.


Height: 145cm
Measurements: 75/53/77
VA: ?

Aldora is the victor of the past two Queen's Blade tournaments and reigning Queen. As the child of a priestess and the lord of the underworld, she is a cursed half-demon. She has the powers of "petrifying gaze" and "flesh-rending secret blades".


Height: 160cm
Measurements: 80/54/80
VA: ?

One of the oldest and most seasoned veteran warriors of a tribe of forest elves, Allean is taciturn and blunt in her dealings with others. She's had a long relationship with Echidna, who she often chastises for her loose ways but is mocked in return for her inexperience with men. The appearance of the half-elf Nora in the forest elf community marked a turning point for Allean, who appointed her "guardian of the forest". The elf village elders did not approve however, and drove her from the village with the excuse that she must join the Queen's Blade tournament. Distraught, Allean secretly set out for the tournament as well, to protect the girl whose sudden appearance had awoken feelings long dormant in the veteran elven warrior.


Height: 159cm
Measurements: 86/57/82
VA: ?

The charismatic leader of a new faction, the Rebel Brigade. Formerly a member of the knight corps of Margrave Creutz (her father), her sense of justice compelled her to split off and form a new unit with similarly fated women warriors. She fights on horseback with the aid of her spectral steed Ambrosius and wields a sword that can be converted to a lance at will.

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