fixing a PS2

For a change I tried to remember that I study Electrical Engineering and not CS or AI, MAS, AOSE or whatever ... so how can I prove this to myself ?

Well, I gutted an old PS2, in hope to fix it ... how hard could it be?

Actually not at all !!!

OK, let me be a little bit more precise; my ex-flat-mate sold me his old PS2, TV, games and several other stuff at a really low price (actually the cab I got to carry the stuff home costed 1/3 of the total). And if you have looked at this blog a couple of times you can guess that I wanted to play japanese import games ( say Melty Blood ). But, to do that I had to use Swap Magic and consequently "break" open the DVD tray, which as a dump dojiko (clumsy child), managed to really break it. Thereafter trying to fix all the damaged done to the DVD-drive and who knows what else !?

After gutting the whole thing (the ~30 screws seen above), cleaning the laser lenses (sorry, no images there, due to the sensitivity of the photo-electric components) the culprit was found ... a god damn disconnected flat data cable !!!

That simple !!! So even if you are even a 10 year old can figure that! Just consult a credible source and you can fix the usually simple problems that you get!

I hope I get a chance to explain within the academic year how you can use all this really powerful hardware for video and audio processing ;-)