Ceremony of Opposites

Samael's Ceremony of Opposites is one of the most influential albums for me, as well as the contemporary extreme metal scene. Samael, a swiss band, had already put out two albums (via Osmose Productions) before Ceremony of Opposites and their move to Century Media Records for their third release and revolutionary release.
Musically, their sound was so innovative that bands even 10-15 years after Ceremony of Opposites are still influenced by this album. More specifically black metal for the the first time was coupled with both death/technical fast-paceded riffs (without losing their heavy-low frequency sound) and electronic sampling that added to the ominous atmosphere. The sound was not only extreme and menacing (easy to achieve in the black metal gerne), but also eerie and ominous; heavy as in the more classical (80's and early 90's doom metal & gothic rock) releases. You constantly felt helpless yet awed by Vorph's (lead singer) suggesting lyrics.
Thus, I come to the lyrics; though I do not generally appreciate Vorph's competence in poetry, in this album he went over his limits and delivered us a thoughtful perspective in despair stemming from every aspect of life ... and death ;) The philosophy expressed in this album, is really deep, if the listening can get over the agonizing growls and snarls, as well as the anti-christian content of the lyrics. Vorph just expresses through an easy metaphor (occultism) the negative side of a society built in the lies and pretence of the popular abrahamic faiths (islam, christianity & judaism).