"I am the earth of which your body is made, I am aether that blows life into you and I am the fire that burn in your very soul. I was here before you and will still remain long after you have passed from all memory. Dare neither to speak of my name nor in it, for I am the Witch Queen, endless and all-knowing."
Inscription at the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

Forbidden Names
"You only have to read Its name, not even loud, and It will come to you, only the you can be free. Lo, It never leaves you, It becomes part of you, engulfing all you have, seeing through your eyes, listening what you hear, indulging in what you feel ... thinking your thoughts ... It becomes you and you are consumed by It! Thus comes and passes The Bygone King."
Confession of Gilles de Rais

Lectors of the Word
"Everything is made in harmony, indecipherable in common eyes, but through faith and study of His wisdom, even the common man, like myself, saw His perfection in even the insignificant. Thus now is my sacred duty to propagate this knowledge, like a rain drop's ripples, before the storm"
Athanasius Kircher, after his ship was blown off-course to Rome

Betwixt & Between
"Never understood why so few have everything, while the nameless masses plunge in nothingness. Are we born different or maybe we live in different world, it could even be that they not even human. Then what are they, how they came to us, why we serve them in such a cruel bondage?"
Comment by the then 17 years old Robespierre, while waiting for the King

"It's my choice to take the wrong turn, enter a dimly light alley, just next to the shopping mall. I am always surprised by standing on the edge between these two alternate realities. So fascinating view both light and darkness, while standing between ... or is it betwixt?"
Fairuza Balk in an interview at Vanity Fair

Liminality is a horror/mystery role-playing game, set in different historical eras, exploring through metaphor human nature and mass mentality. The setting is superficially like our world, but there are subtle differences that give rise to occult implication. During the next weeks each chapter would be expanded with information concerning the game in general and its first campaign location and characters. The game's system is designed both for table-top and on-line gaming and its main objectives is to be realistic and character driven, hiding its complexities from the player and hindering power-play.

  • This is a game, has absolutely nothing to do with reality, it's just for amusement.
  • Non of the above were ever actually said by the people mentioned. They are solly the product of my imagination.
  • Parental Advisory: A lot of controversial issues are discussed and analyzed in an adult and unorthodox way.