CANAAN (aka 428)

I bet that almost everyone is quite oblivious about the new work from TYPE-MOON. Well CANAAN is based on an extra animated scenario (well ... sort of) that Takeuchi/Nasu team worked on for the "live-action" visual novel 428.

Here is the opening.

New video thanks to arudoc. Click if you're into reading his usual whining and see some screenshots.

aka 428
AniDB, AnimePlanet, ANN, Official, Thread@AnimeSuki, TV-Tropes
Studio: P.A. Works
Directed by: Ando Masahiro
Character Designs by: Sekiguchi Kanami
Original Character Designs by: Takeuchi Takashi (of TYPE-MOON)
Original Game by: Chunsoft, Sega (just in case you've never heard of it)
Original Scenario by: Nasu Kinoko (of TYPE-MOON)
Series Composition by: Okada Mari
Sawashiro Miyuki (Canaan), Sakamoto Maaya (Alphard), Nanjou Yoshino (Maria)
Tanaka Rie (Liang-Qi), Tomatsu Haruka (Yun²), Minagawa Junko (Natsume), Noto Mamiko (Hakkoo)
Hamada Kenji (Minoru), Oukawa Toru (Kamingusu), Hirata Hiroaki (Sentana)

Now, I must admit that I am completely unfamiliar with 428 and all the info here are second hand (ANN and BeastLair). But given that the TYPE-MOON duo is heavily involved with CANAAN, at least it will certainly be decent! Though the "newbie" chief director makes me a little worried. On the other, hand character designs and series composition come from qualified (at least in my eyes) people.

If you want some speculation, we should expect CANAAN later in 2009 (summer or autumn), since there is absolutely nothing about it in this winter's comicet. But, in any case it is still nice news since Rakyo will be over by summer ;-)

And since the actual show has started, check below some stills of what you are either missing or enjoying ;)