Kurokami: Manga Art & Anime Preview

For the most anticipated show, at least in my book, let me give some extra art drawn from the first eight volumes of the manga.

For the preview, more images and my expectations continue reading ...

Kurokami: The Animation

aka Black God
AniDB, ANN, Official, Thread@AnimeSuki
Studio: Sunrise
Directed by: Kobayashi Tsuneo
Character Designs by: Nishimura Hiroyuki
Original Character Designs by: Sang-Woo Park
Original Manga by: Dall-Young Lim
Series Composition by: Yoshida Reiko
Shitaya Noriko (Kuro), Namikawa Daisuke (Keita)

Keita Ibuki is an independent and struggling freelance computer programmer high-school student who had a chance meeting on one night with a high Mototsumitama named Kuro. He gives her his dinner, a bowl of ramen, and tries to protect her when she is attacked in an ambush by an unknown Mototsumitama. Keita loses his entire left arm during the fight between the Mototsumitamas, but Kuro was able to save his life by exchanging the decapitated arm with her own left arm since she has enhanced healing abilities like all Mototsumitamas. This creates a contract between them, which makes her more powerful than before. However, Kuro warns Keita that they need to be together all the time in order to be at their strongest.

Another $unrise show? I think not! First of all the director is the one and the same that pulled out the epic of Twelve Kingdoms. Second the male lead is not your usual annoying and useless brat, nor a pervent in trainging ... well, this was true for the manga, but the anime reduced his age, put him in high school and who knows what else. Another issue though, is that from the little I've seen (and not read) the manga is quite graphic, which does not go well with the studio and its stuff. Also there is going to be a simultaneous broadcast in Japan, Korea and USA and guess what the foreign ones are going to be dubbed! WTF! Now this show is a certain watch for me and most certainly raw, I don't wish to here again several wash-out hollywood actors ruining everything!

Anyway, here are also some images more suitable for wallpapers: