Kara no Kyoukai

For those of you (few I hope) who are not familiar yet with Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners movies, the trailer of the latest DVDs (4th and 5th), is now available.

Let me just make a quick reminder that the chronological order for the seven movies is:

1995, September
2nd Movie: Satsujin Kousatsu (Zen), 殺人考察(前), Murder Inquiry (Part 1)
1998, June
4th Movie: Garan no Dou, 伽藍の洞, The Empty Temple
1998, July
3rd Movie: Tsuukaku Zanryuu, 痛覚残留, Reminiscent Sense of Pain
1998, September
1st Movie: Fukan Fuukei, 俯瞰風景, Scenery from Heavens
1998, November
5th Movie: Mujun Rasen, 矛盾螺旋, Paradox Spiral
1999, January
6th Movie: Boukyaku Rokuon, 忘却録音, Oblivion Recorder
1999, February
7th Movie: 2nd Movie: Satsujin Kousatsu (Go), 殺人考察(後), Murder Inquiry (Part 2)

And finally, some facts ;-)

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners
Boundary to the World of Emptiness
AniDB, AnimePlanet, ANN, Official (better viewed with IE), Forum@AnimeSuki, TV-Tropes
Studio: ufotable
Music by: Kajiura Yuki
Original Character Designs by: Takeuchi Takashi (of TYPE-MOON)
Original Novel by: Nasu Kinoko (of TYPE-MOON)
Series Composition by: Hiramatsu Masaki
Sakamoto Maaya (Shiki), Honda Takako (Touko), Suzumura Kennichi (Mikiya), Fujimura Ayumi (Azaka), Tanaka Rie (Kirie), Noto Mamiko (Fujino), Nakata Joujji (Souren), Yusa Koji (Arba), Kakihara Tetsuya (Tomoe)

I will get back to these movies when I see all of them, but let me just say that the animation is the best to-date or by using another reviewers comment: "You can use any random screenshot as a wallpaper". Music is also excellent, but where the movies really shine are plot and characters. It has been a long time since I was so amazed by an anime.

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